Intro to Computer Programming Tonight at 8:30PM

10 Sep


Intro to Computer Programming: is a workshop class for anyone who wants to make their computer do things it couldn’t do before! The class is for anyone of any skill level (including “none”) and is designed to teach not only the basic facts and minutiae, but also how to think computationally, how to reason about the real world mathematically, and how to design and implement solutions to problems.

The teacher: Gatlin (aka “me”), is a Computer Science graduate from UT Austin and briefly studied to be a high school mathematics teacher. I do my best to get you doing as quickly as possible, rather than sitting and listening to a boring lecture. The best way to learn computer science is to start tackling difficult problems. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

A laptop and some familiarity with high-school algebra are both useful to bring to this class.

We meet every Monday at 8:30 pm at the 21st Street Co-op (707 W 21st Street). If you have any questions (directions, curriculum, whatever), email me at


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