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Thanks for a Great Year!

21 Dec


Hey Everyone! Thank you so much for all of your support throughout this year! We are so grateful and hope the holidays treat everyone splendidly.

Currently all classes and meetings have finished for the year but have no worries! We will resume on January 13th and be having an opening party! Stay posted and happy new year! Also if you would like to get on the mailing list send an email to:

Ed Talks was a rousing success!

3 Dec

First, thank you to everyone who attended and spoke. This was our second Ed Talks event and the first one organized, funded, and promoted entirely by Free Skool itself. Also thank you to Wardenclyffe for hosting the event.

We covered a lot of ground and heard from a lot of different speakers and backgrounds – from an English professor who moonlights as a certified naturalist, to a promoter of worker cooperatives, to a revolutionary photographer, to publishers of a feminist zine, and so much in between – and through all the different discussions, questions, and presentations a common theme emerged: community versus isolation.

Free Skool doesn’t normally wax poetic but Ed Talks really helped us underscore our purpose and mission: to remove divisions between people, to democratize education, and to help the community realize its potential. Education is community!

Puppet Making and Creative Political Action Workshop Pt. II

3 Dec

Are you creative? Interested in puppet making? Wanting to help out a great cause? Then you are in luck!
Join us on Sunday, December 9th from 1:30-5pm at 5604 Manor.

Workers Defense Project and Austin Free Skool is having a puppet-making and creative political action workshop! We will be creating puppets for our We Build Texas! march happening next February that will represent the problems workers face in the construction industry. To check out what the Coalition of Immokalee Workers has done in the past,

please click here.
**No specific skills required: we will teach you all you need to know**
We hope to see you there!

¿Eres creativo? ¿Te gustaria aprender a construir muñecos gigantes? ¿Quieres participar en una buena causa? ¡Pues tienes suerte!
Acompáñanos el Domingo 9 de Diciembre, a las 1:30-5pm en 5604 Manor.
Proyecto Defensa Laboral y Austin Free Skool tendrá un taller sobre la acción política creativa y cómo construir muñecos gigantes. Luego estaremos construyendo varios muñecos gigantes para la gran marcha que vamos a tener el próximo febrero, que se llama ¡Construimos Texas! Mirar lo que Coalition de Immokalee Workers hicieron, por favor aga click aquí.
**No se requiere conocimiento previo solo muchas ganas, por que aquí aprenderemos juntos**
¡Te esperamos!

Ed Talks supplementary material!

1 Dec

Ed Talks is happening right now! Speaker Corinne Lee is giving a talk on the intersection of monsters, evolution and literature. This is a fascinating article she mentioned!

Life is a bit more interrelated than we think.