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Computer Programming apology!

15 Feb

Hey everyone! First, happy heart day if that’s your thing.

Second, I was a few minutes late to my class today. As a result, I’m told someone showed up and left.

First and foremost: I’m sorry. Extremely so. Secondly, I want to make it up to you!

I’m starting a project to revamp our website and create an RSVP system so we can be in contact before the class starts. Show up next week and we can work it out!

Next Thursday is going to be awesome. Thanks everyone!

– Gatlin

Everyone watch out! We’re about to add a slew of new classes!

11 Feb

This new session (semester? oh my) of Austin Free Skool is already jam packed with lots of fun and interesting workshops, classes, and lectures. So many, in fact, that our tireless volunteers haven’t updated this website yet! But we’re working on it. Stay tuned!