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Computer Programming reschedule!

4 Apr

Hey! Tonight’s class is going to be rescheduled to Monday, 8 April. The instructor – me – is in the process of moving into a new coop he helped found and doesn’t want to give Free Skool or his house less than 100% of his attention.

Monday, one of the topics will be a JavaScript tutorial, explaining how can correctly tell you it’s Christmas based on your time zone, country and language.

If you have other ideas, questions, or comments, you can reach Gatlin at

Computer Programming apology!

15 Feb

Hey everyone! First, happy heart day if that’s your thing.

Second, I was a few minutes late to my class today. As a result, I’m told someone showed up and left.

First and foremost: I’m sorry. Extremely so. Secondly, I want to make it up to you!

I’m starting a project to revamp our website and create an RSVP system so we can be in contact before the class starts. Show up next week and we can work it out!

Next Thursday is going to be awesome. Thanks everyone!

– Gatlin

White hot programming workshop tomorrow!

23 Sep

We’ll be going through UT curriculum stuff, probably some discussions of AI, and at least one person wants to build Python web apps. Oh yeah!

Last night’s programming class was wicked!

7 Aug

I demonstrated a system to automatically schedule co-op labor based on scheduling conflicts, several bright young programmers quizzed me for an hour about lambda calculus, and later on I rented a Woody Allen film. But hey! The class itself was fun!

Next week’s workshop / discussion will be even better! Come join us at 8:30pm at 21st Street Co-op in the Commons. Some upcoming topics I want to discuss are bitcoin, digital privacy, and auto-tuning. Bring a friend!

Intro to Computer Programming is changing a bit!

17 Jul

[Pun intended]. I know! I hate change too! But this is for the best. A lot of really intelligent, motivated, and exciting people have been attending and not all of them are beginner programmers. Actually, some of them are in completely different fields!

With that in mind, I’m changing the focus to being a workshop focused on developing new technology projects, reactive teaching, question and answer sessions, and operating more like a dojo and less like a lecture. Studying anything in isolation is counterproductive – let’s do cool stuff!

Computer Programming Tonight at 8:30PM

16 Jul


More Info: Here


Learn how to program a quadcopter with us Monday!

8 Jul

Introduction to Computer Programming is going to be a bit different this week – Gatlin built a quadcopter! And it needs to be programmed! Come learn with him as he deciphers poor documentation and pulls wild guesses out of dark unsanitary places; if you’ve never programmed before this will highlight the sobering reality (and uncertain excitement) of the craft.

Intro to Computer Program tomorrow at 8:30PM!

1 Jul

 All Free Skool events are completely free and open to the public!

Intro to Computer Programming is a weekly class that is happening tomorrow (7/2/12) at 8:30 PM. This particular class Gatlin will be skyping in.

Location: 21st Street Co-op


For more info, click here

Intro to Computer Programming

24 Jun

Come out this Monday at 8:30 for Intro to Computer Programming

RSVP by sending an email to:


Location: 21st Street Co-op

Intro to Computer Programming!

12 Jun

The students had a great time! We covered the basics of Python syntax, solved a Project Euler problem, and discussed the merits of the movie “Tron.” It’s the only BYOB programming class in town. Visit us next week @ 21st Street Co-op, Monday at 8:30pm. Does this time suck? Let us know!