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Punkrockhour presents: hated, GG Allin and the murder junkies

25 Jul

Oi oi oi, droogies! Come out tonight and prepare to have your minds shit on and your senses violated by GG Allin and his murder junkies. 9pm, be there

Punk Rock Hour Tonight at 9:00PM

18 Jul


Screening: American Hardcore: The History of American Punk Music 1980 – 1986
View the trailer here
accompanied with a discussion after the showing!
Located: 21st Street Co-op

Punk Rock Hour Tonight at 9:30PM

11 Jul

“Don’t need you:the herstory of riot grrrl“

Tonight there will be a screening of: Don’t need you:the herstory of riot grrrl and leading a discussion You can check out the trailer here. There will be a usb key with .mp3s as well as some literature handed out.

Punk rock hour huge success!

29 Jun

Punk rock hour was a big success, fun had by all. The crass documentary was great, jock made popcorn, and Eddie brought us broken kitchen ware to smash, whose electrical guts were harvested to start a coop electronic bench! Come next week where we’ll explore punk music around the world!

Punk rock hour tonight!

27 Jun

Calling all pissed off
halfwits and drunken krumbums, get yet lazy ass to 21 st coop commons tonight at 9 for the first punk rock hour of the summer!!1 we will be meeting and greeting, showing a documentary on crass, and discussing what everyone wants to get out of this experiment. As always with free stool, we are all teachers and students, so don’t expect some bullshit lecture, just passionate people delving into the hazy, putrid, and comfortable world of punxx

Punk Rock Hour: A History

24 Jun


This Wednesday Discover Punk Rock Hour! An overview on different sub-genres of punk/ska/hardcore and their impact on society and the individual

Location: 21st Street Co-op at 9PM!