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Hip Hop: A Personal History

3 Sep


The history of social awareness and technique in hip-hop music.
Hip-Hop: A Personal History — Since its inception in the late 1970s, hip-hop has continued to be one of the most diverse, complex, and frustratingly unclassifiable forms of American music. In this class, we will trace the history of hip-hop from its roots in the dub DJs of Brooklyn to its first commercial successes and beyond, placing special attention on the matrix of intentions, techniques, and beliefs that have driven its evolution through

the years. Through critical readings and interpretations of specific artists, we will create a personal history where the music itself is the subject in question.The class will be facilitated by Adam Protextor. Adam has been working as an independent hip-hop musician for nearly a decade, and has been a guest lecturer in American Music courses at the University of Iowa and through Breakthrough in Austin.

Location: 21st Street Co-op
Date/Time: Saturday at 7:00PM