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February Month in Review

1 Mar

Hello everyone! February just happened, as it usually does this time of year, and we grew and learned quite a bit. First, the highlight reel:

  • Yes, Ma’am! Feminist Discussion has been happening – and will continue to happen – at Sasona Coop at 8:00pm. The next class is March 26th. They’ve covered some great topics: weddings and marriage, animal rights, and sex workers. Come by next week!
  • Computer Programming is weathering oncoming storm of mid-terms. Stay tuned for specifics but we’re assembling a very interesting array of programmers young and old. (If you caught the pun, pat yourself on the back.) Drop by the 21st Street Co-op on Thursdays at 9:00pm and get your nerd on.
  • Fortune Telling is continuing at Spider House, predictably. 🙂 Mondays at 9:00pm, yo.
  • Documentary Tuesday no longer happens weekly but are hosted at Treasure City Thrift on the last Tuesday of the month.
  • Film Acting will be taking place March 18th
  • We promoted a fun but fledgling salsa class, and if you’re interested let us know!
  • We’re about to drop some changes to the website that you should be oh-so excited about.
  • Most importantly: we still need you to participate!

That’s quite a bit for volunteers with no budget! And it works because we have awesome people contributing their time and effort. Thank you volunteers!

We all benefit when we share ideas and knowledge, so stop by Tom’s Tabooley at 5pm on Sundays and meet with us. We want your ideas! Feed us your ideas!

Thanks for a Great Year!

21 Dec


Hey Everyone! Thank you so much for all of your support throughout this year! We are so grateful and hope the holidays treat everyone splendidly.

Currently all classes and meetings have finished for the year but have no worries! We will resume on January 13th and be having an opening party! Stay posted and happy new year! Also if you would like to get on the mailing list send an email to:

Come Check Out The Book Fair Today At 6PM!

24 Nov


Appreciation Party Tonight at 7PM!

21 Sep


Appreciation Party Tonight at 7PM!
We want to show our appreciation to all that have helped contribute to Austin Free Skool over the last few months, so we are throwing a grand dinner party! Come out and enjoy a lovely feast and plentiful refreshments.

Location: 2302 Willow Street, Austin TX 78702 (in the backyard)
Event: RSVP

Collective Meeting!

16 Sep

Thanks to the rain it seems we had low attendance this week. Look at what could have been yours!


Donate to Austin Free Skool!

5 Sep

Austin Free Skool is accepting donations!
If you would like to help us print calendars and provide supplies for people to teach classes just click the link

Thanks for your time and supporting Austin Free Skool!

If you couldn’t make the meeting tonight

3 Sep

If you couldn’t make the meeting tonight, but would like to know what we talked about, here is a link to the minutes!

Minutes 9/2/12